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List of YTS Movies

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The Perfection

When troubled musical prodigy Charlotte seeks out Elizabeth, the new star pupil of her former school, the encounter sends both musicians down a sinister path with shocking consequences.

Mommy's Little Angel

Katie, a 12-year-old girl, has had a short but rough life. When her mother dies from an apparent suicide, her cousins decide to adopt her. Katie adores her new family and will not let anyone, including her abusive father, take her away from them.

The Night Eats the World

After a party night, a man wakes up only to realize that all the party guests have been transformed into bloodthirsty zombies. Organizing himself as he can to ensure his survival and escape the zombies, he discovers that he is not the only survivor.




The film centers on Mike is a successful business man has a happy family. Suddenly, Mike's relationship with colleague becomes bad and he can not image that his advisor hatches a lot to destroy everything of Mike.

The Green Hornet

In this 3D action comedy, Seth Rogen and Jay Chou take up the roles of two anticrime warriors, who always wear black masks to hide their identities. Who are these heroes and what pushed them to do such a stupid job?

The Magic of Ordinary Days

Pregnant out of wedlock, an educated young woman is pressured by her father into an arranged marriage with a lonely farmer in this drama set during WWII. She does as well as she can to be polite and civil to her husband and his sister, but it is clear that she'd rather be dead than married to a man she doesn't even know.

Honey 3: Dare to Dance

After losing her place at a prestigious academy, a struggling dancer (Cassie Ventura) puts friends, family, and faith on the line to produce an innovative hip hop Romeo and Juliet show. Once again, she dares to dream and risks it all to put on a performance you'll never forget.

Brotherhood - Season 1

Set in an Irish neighbourhood in Providence, the series is about the intertwining lives of the Irish-American Caffee brothers on opposite sides of the law: one professional criminal and the other a local politician.

Only Fools And Horses - Season 1

Only Fools And Horses follows the adventures of two streetwise London brothers: Derek ‘’Del Boy’’ Trotter, an agile, wise South London market trader and Rodney Trotter, who dreams to become millionaires by selling and buying dodgy goods.

Attack on Titan - Season 2

Season 2 picks up right where Season 1 left off, with the reveal that inside Wall Sina was the face of a titan. Hange’s group is quick to cover up the exposed face of the Titan before morning worshippers can come see the exposed face of the monstrosity.

1985 (2018)


1985 (2018)

A closeted young man goes home for the holidays and struggles to reveal his dire circumstances to his conservative family. This movie takes a unique look at a pivotal moment in American history through the prism of empathy, love and family.

The Confession Tapes - Season 01

This crime documentary series investigates cases where people convicted of murder claim their confessions were coerced. Following a gruesome triple murder, two teens are targeted by undercover police, who use a controversial technique to try to extract a confession.

Bisbee '17


Bisbee '17

It’s 2017 in Bisbee, Arizona, an old copper-mining town just miles from the Mexican border. The town’s close-knit community prepares to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Bisbee’s darkest hour: the infamous Bisbee Deportation of 1917, during which 1,200 striking miners were violently taken from their homes, banished to the middle of the desert, and left to die. Townspeople confront this violent, misunderstood past by staging dramatic recreations of the escalating strike. These dramatized scenes are based on subjective versions of the story and “directed,” in a sense, by residents with conflicting views of the event. Deeply personal segments torn from family history build toward a massive restaging of the deportation itself on the exact day of its 100th anniversary.

Trailer Park Boys: Drunk, High & Unemployed

Trailer Park Boys: Drunk, High & Unemployed tells about three friends Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, who bring their trailer park humor out onto the stage for a night of bravery, schemes and an inebriated acting demo.

The Physician


The Physician

In Persia in the 11th century, the apprentice of a surgeon in disguise has overcome his emigration to many places to rescue the people from diseases and epidemics.

Broadway Danny Rose

An unlucky talent manager named Danny Rose unexpectedly get dragged into a love triangle which may causes him to lose his job and even his life.

Forged in Fire: Knife or Death - Season 2

The country's most experienced martial artists, bladesmiths and knife experts stab, slice and chop their way through some of the most daunting obstacles they have ever seen. Competitors put their skills to the test as they slice through flying watermelons, hack through giant ice blocks, and slice various ropes, tubes, metals, and other objects. Blades that can be seen are America's historical Bowie knife, a Viking Seax, varying medieval swords, and traditional Japanese katanas. Each obstacle challenges the competitors to test the strength, durability and sharpness of their blades while also testing their own speed, precision and technique. The winner of each episode wins a cash prize and a coveted spot in the season finale. Once there, the winners have the chance to compete and win the title of Forged in Fire: Knife or Death Champion.

The Edge of Love

Set in rural Wales and 1940s London, this biopic tells the story of two feisty, free-spirited women who are connected by the brilliant, charismatic poet who loves them both.

Turkey Shoot


Turkey Shoot

In the near future, after an unspecified holocaust, survivors are herded into prison camps. Periodically, a handful of particularly defiant inmates will be released unarmed to be hunted down in a free-for-all "Turkey Shoot". If they survive, they are set free!

Page Turner


Page Turner

Page Turner (Peiji Teoneo ) is a Drama Music film directed by Jae-Hoon Lee and written by Hye-ryun Park. It released on TV Movie 26 March 2016. The film stars Ji-soo, So-hyun Kim, Jae-ha Sin . A piano prodigy who may never play again. A star athlete who can never compete again. A terrible accident entwines the lives of Yoon Yoo Seul (Kim So Hyun) and Jung Cha Sik (Ji Soo) and forces them to find a new direction in life. Yoo Seul is a genius pianist who is being pushed by the unrealized dreams of her mother (Ye Ji Won).

The Things We've Seen

Accusations of guilt turns a father into a fugitive. He now must go on the lam to escape the sheriff who wants him dead, leaving his home and family in need. His son Reagan searches far and wide to bring his father home and the family back together.

Stranger Than Fiction

One day, Harold realizes that he can hear a voice inside his head which it can narrate absolutely exact his life story. He finds out that it could have a huge impact on his entire life. Out of the blue, he is revealed about his own death by the narration, so that he has to look for the author to change the ending story.




A man stranded in the Arctic is finally about to receive his long awaited rescue. However, after a tragic accident, his opportunity is lost and he must then decide whether to remain in the relative safety of his camp or embark on a deadly trek through the unknown for potential salvation.

The Awesomes - Season 02

The Awesomes are the successors to the group left vacant after Mr. Awesome retired and his chosen lineup decided to go their separate ways. Seizing the opportunity, Mr Awesome's son, Professor Doctor Awesome, stepped forward to lead the group, only to find himself in need of re-filling the first list.




A young couple's dream of starting a family shatters as they descend into the depths of paranoia and must struggle to survive an evil presence that wants nothing more than their very own lives.

Falling In Love With The Girl Next Door

Reunited as adults, childhood friends Mark Lucas and Theresa Connolly fall in love and decide to get married. However, their wedding plans and possibly their future together can be ruined due to the 25-year-old feud between two mothers.

Agenda: Payback

Steve Walsh is living the high life but it's a life built on the ruin of other people's dreams. Peter Farrell is different, he's dangerous and has nothing to lose. Peter's life has been destroyed by Steve and he wants revenge.
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