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List of 2007 Films

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Murder 101: If Wishes Were Horses

The film follows criminology professor Dr. Jonathan Maxwell, who investigates the case of a missing champion thoroughbred horse. Things get even more complicated when a family member of a horse owner dies in a suspicious fire.

Ben 10 Secret of the Omnitrix

After a fierce battle in a power plant with Dr. Animo, Ben realizes that something wrong happening with the Omnitrix but he decides to keep this as a secret. Then Tetrax comes, drawn to the self-destruct signal broadcast by the Omnitrix. He takes Ben to go find the creator of the Omnitrix and fix it before it destroys itself, Ben, and the entire universe along with it.




On a flight from Africa to Washington DC, an Egyptian suddenly disapprears. As it turns out, he have been moved to a government's facility to be investigated for a bombing terrorist case. Here, he is questioned and tortured. Meanwhile, his wife at home would do eveything to bring him back home.

Dragon Hunters - Season 2

Directed by Guillaume Ivernel (also Art Director) and Arthur Qwak, producer by Philippe Delarue (Futurikon), a full-length computer-animated 3D movie was made by Mac Guff Ligne Paris, Futurikon and Trixter Film GmbH. The film is presented in a different timeline, with Gwizdo, Lian Chu and Hector as roving travelers, and Zoe replacing the roles of Jennyline and Zaza.

American Pie Presents: Beta House

Freshmen Erik Stifler and Mike "Cooze" start college and pledge the Beta House fraternity, led by none other than legendary Dwight Stifler, Erik's cousin. But chaos arises when a rival house with a power-hungry president threatens to end the orgy. To prove their rights and existence, Beta Delta Xi brothers now have to resurrect The Games - a long-banned competition that will define the true lords of campus.

Frasier - Season 5

Frasier - Season 5 is a Sitcom film directed by David Angell, Peter Casey, David Lee and based on The character Frasier Crane. It released on September 23, 1997. The film stars Kelsey Grammer, Jane Leeves, David Hyde Pierce. The story continues from the previous episode ("Odd Man Out"), after Frasier spontaneously decides to board a plane to Acapulco with Joanna. She soon switches seats after learning this. While reading a magazine, he realizes that the model in it is actually the woman sitting next to him on the plane, who introduces herself as Kelly Easterbrook

Live Free Or Die Hard

When a criminal plot is in place to take down the entire computer and technological structure that supports the economy of the United States (and the world), it's up to a decidedly "old school" hero, police detective John McClane, to take down the conspiracy, aided by a young hacker.




The film set in 1970s in Iran, Marjane 'Marji' Statrapi watches events through her young eyes and her idealistic family of a long dream being fulfilled of the hated Shah's defeat in the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

Mama's Boy


Mama's Boy

Diane Keaton, Jon Heder and Jeff Daniels star in this comedy drama about Jeffrey Mannus, an eccentric twenty-nine year-old business executive who still lives at home with his mom, Jan, who treats him like he is 10 years old. Jeffrey realizes his sweet set-up is upended when Jan meets Mert, a motivational speaker.

Loves Unfolding Dream

The movie follows eighteen year old aspiring doctor Belinda Tyler as she struggles to choose between her career aspirations as a doctor and her feelings for a handsome New York lawyer who wants a traditional wife.

5 Centimeters Per Second

The movie is a collection of short stories about the distance between a young man named and his love. It is describled by his life as cruel winters and cold technology. Finally, his love is tested by adult obligations and responsibility.

Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and Fluffy

The film filmed live at Bakersfield, California. Gabriel Iglesias blends storytelling, sound effects and characters to bring his personal issues to life, riffing about his oversized belly, road trips with friends and how he comes up with new material.

Funny Games


Funny Games

The film follows a holiday of a family on their remote vacation home in a isolated town. Unfortunate for them, their new arrival neighbor are psychopathic and will make their life like hell.

Death Sentence

After his son is murdered by a gang as an initiation ritual, mild-mannered loving fatherHume eventually comes to the disturbing conclusion that no length is too great when protecting his family.

Pirate Islands The Lost Treasure of Fiji - Season 1

Kate Redding, a sister of Nicholas and Sarah, is playing a new computer game called Pirate Islands, which has been created by her father. She and two siblings find themselves pulled into this alternate reality world, and must try to find their way back out.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Dodging from his past and new missions as a trained mass killer, It is impossible to keep his lover alive. Bourne faces to police finding. Being able to escape due to sharpen skills, he is getting close to an end by visting his girlfriend's younger brother in France.

CSI: Miami - Season 6

In this season, a probation officer is shot and killed, and one of the suspects turns out to be Horatio's biological son. An Internet celebrity's boyfriend is killed with a bow and arrow. During the case, Horatio becomes a "cyberlebrity" himself, which puts his life in danger.

Thats So Raven - Season 2

The second season of That';s So Raven seeing the Baxter family, Raven, Cory, Tanya Baxter and Victor Baxter as they continue to manage with Raven and her ability to see into the future. When trying to figure out her visions and chenge the future, the three often get into more trouble than expected due to her ability usually gets out of her controls.

Alice Upside Down

Alice Upside Down (Also Known As: Alice ) is a adventure comedy drama film directed by Sandy Tung and written by Meghan Heritage (screenplay), Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (book). It released on 6 October 2007 (USA). The film stars Alyson Stoner, Luke Perry, Lucas Grabeel. Still mourning the death of her mother a few years back, ALICE McKINLEY finds her life seriously disrupted when her father BEN buys a store and moves her and her older brother LESTER to a new town.

A Haunting - Season 4

Season 4 opens with Cindy Sarro's boyfriend, Jake, surprising her and their two daughters with a new house. It seems perfect until she senses the presence of a demon that possesses Jake, who comes at her with an ax.

Wild Hogs


Wild Hogs

In the film, the ringleader - Woody Stevens - who was a renowned lawyers, has life that many envy. When the family has broken, he leaves the noisy city and with Doug Madsen - a dentist, Bobby Davis - a plumber had dreams of becoming a writer and Dudley Frank - a old single man. One black leather jackets, riding Harley Davidson, they hope to release their "midlife crisis".

Boston Legal - Season 4

In this season, Shirley is sued by Stanford University after she reneges on a $3 million donation. Lorraine Weller (Saffron Burrows) is hired to work in litigation at the firm, drawing attention from both Alan and Denny.

Peep Show - Season 04

Mark's doubts over his proposal of marriage to Sophie continue whilst he and Jez visit Sophie's parents for her birthday. Later, Sophie's mother seduces Jez, which horrifies Mark. Ian tries to make Mark promise to cancel the wedding, and then takes his revenge on another man...

The Girl Next Door (2007)

Set in 1965, the movie loosely based on the true life events surrounding the shocking ordeal endured by Sylvia Likens - an innocent Indiana teen who was systematically tortured, raped, and murdered by a suburban divorcée and a group of neighborhood children. 

Dead Silence


Dead Silence

After his wife meets a grisly end, Jamie Ashen (Ryan Kwanten) returns to their creepy hometown of Ravens Fair to unearth clues about his departed wife's untimely death which may be linked to the ghost of a murdered ventriloquist.

Johnny Kapahala Back On Board

Snowboarding hampion Johnny Kapahala travels to Hawaii to for the wedding of his grandfather - the legendary Johnny Tsunami. He's much looking forward to conquerring some wild waves there besides family time. But the fact is he has no time for this and must keep an eye on "Uncle Chris," the 12-year-old son of his grandfather's new wife who is not happy with the wedding instead. Through Chris, Johnny is introduced to the "Dirt Devils" - the local dirtboarding team led by a bullying boy. When the Dirt Devils plots to bring Grandpa's new surf shop down, it's up to Johnny and Chris to join forces and save their family's business.

Talk to Me


Talk to Me

The movie tells the story of Washington D.C. radio personality Ralph "Petey" Greene, an outspoken ex-convict who talks his way onto the air at the white-owned radio station in 1960s.

Death at a Funeral

After the death of his father, Daniel arranges to contact their extended family and friends, which include an wheel-chair bound grouchy uncle, a self-serving and unsuccessful writer brother, several cousins- some of them are addicts. As the result, the chaos resigns when a man arrives saying he is the dead man’s gay lover.




Underdog is a 2007 American superhero comedy film based on the 1960s cartoon series of the same name. In this film, A Beagle must use his newly-bestowed superpowers to defend Capitol City from mad scientist Simon Barsinister.

Paranormal State - Season 1

The show follows members of the famous Penn State Paranormal Research Society as they investigate alleged paranormal phenomena at reportedly haunted locations across the country. Story also features their hectic lives as college students and faculty.
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