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List of 2004 Films

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Coupling - Season 4

In this season, Jane has a blind date with a guy called Oliver. Meanwhile, Patrick and Sally face the first problem in their relationship, and Susan attempts to talk to Steve about the imminent birth of their child.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

An amazing comedy: A group of misfits decide to take part in a Las Vegas đogeball tournament to turn their dream into the truth. They have try their best to save their cherished local gym. Let's follow them in this interesting movie

Monarch of the Glen - Season 6

In this season, it's a new era at Glenbogle and Paul is the new laird. Despite his best interests, his attitudes towards the highland traditions are starting to bother the family. Meanwhile, Lexie returns briefly from New Zealand causing Paul to become a little suspicious.

Gracie's Choice

The movie tells the story of 17-year-old Gracie Thompson whose childhood forever lost to a drug-addicted mother. When her siblings' lives are about to be pulled apart, Gracie first takes on temporary parental responsibility and finally seeks to gain custody of her brothers.

Riding the Bullet

Riding the Bullet is a 2004 horror film written, co-produced and directed by Mick Garris. It is an adaptation of Stephen King's 2000 novella of the same name. The film, which received a limited theatrical release, was not successful in theaters; it earned a domestic gross of $134,711

The Notebook


The Notebook

Local country boy Noah Calhoun encounters the wealthy 17-year-old heiress Allie Hamilton at a carnival, and they fall in love with each other. But their love is soon challenged by their social different, misunderstanding and many other difficulties. But when they spend the last moments of their lives with each other, their love is still integrity as the first moment.

Nip Tuck - Season 2

In this season, Julia's mother wants a facelift and insists that Sean operates on her, which worsens his worry about his hand spasms. Christain's nose is broken during sex. A Somalian woman requests clitoral reconstruction after undergoing genital mutilation. 

Connie and Carla

‘’ Connie and Carla ‘’ are two best girl-friends, who accidentally witness a mafia hit in the Windy City, so they decide to flee to Los Angeles, where they go way undercover as singers working the city’s dinner theater circuit as drag queens. Now everything turns out to be complicated as they become big hits on the scene…

The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow is the story of a climate researcher, he tries to save the world and his son out of New York when the city is under the effects of the weather. And he is a only person to go to the North to escape the disaster .




In this cinematic adaption to Mike Mignola's acclaimed comic book series, Ron Perlman stars as the so-called Hellboy, a creature from Hades who was rescued from the Nazies by a special Allies' unit. Joined by other paranormal talents and a human agent, Hellboy engages the battle against evil forces of the Dark.

Drawn Together - Season 1

The plots and humor of Drawn Together is adult-oriented and laden with shock comedy as it follows a party-hearty superhero, a naive princess prone to singing, and a sexually ambiguous anime hero as they move in together.

George Lopez - Season 3,

This season brings the audience back to the stories of George Lopez's life and job. Everything starts to becomes chaos when president George Bush visits his company and Carmen breaks suddenly the president's speech.

Shameless (UK) - Season 1

The show is the story of a young group of siblings pretty much abandoned by their parents, surviving by their wits, and humor, on a rough Manchester council estate. The "main" storyline during the first series was the romance between Fiona, the oldest sibling and Steve, a young middle class lad.

You Got Served

"You got served" focuses on a pair of friends, named David and Elgin who dream to open a hip-hop dance and recording studio. The first challenge they have to face in their path of following their dream is winning a street dance competition against a group of street dancers to prove their talent.

Six Feet Under - Season 4

The series chronicles the Fishers, a family of funeral directors who struggle with relationships and their own personal demons, while trying to maintain a small funeral home. Each episode begins with a fresh corpse (including the clan's patriarch in the premiere), which usually has something to do with the ongoing dysfunction in and around the Fisher household.

Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle (Hauru no ugoku shiro) is a Animation Adventure film directed by Hayao Miyazaki and written by Hayao Miyazaki (screenplay), Diana Wynne Jones (novel). It released on 20 November 2004 (Japan). The film stars Chieko Baishô, Takuya Kimura, Tatsuya Gashûin. When an unconfident young woman is cursed with an old body by a spiteful witch, her only chance of breaking the spell lies with a self-indulgent yet insecure young wizard and his companions in his legged, walking castle.

Swades: We, the People

Taken place in modern day India, Swades tells a story of the issues that development throws up on a grass root level. A great scientist named Mohan Bhargava, who works in NASA as a project leader then goes back to find his family. Mohan’s normal quest unexpectedly turns into the journey that everyone of us goes through in search of that metaphysical and elusive place called HOME.

Mean Girls


Mean Girls

Mean Girls is the story of Cady Heron who was growing up in remote African. She moved on Americans and started to familiarize high school life with how crestfallen. Cady felt too strange when people in the school were divided into groups with the diferent interests and different personalities. Cady close-knit with 2 friends to learn about The Plastics - group of aristocrats girl. They were planning to Cady was spying to joining in the group. From that Cady became a "mean girl" really and lost innocence

Soul Plane


Soul Plane

Things get raucously funny aboard the maiden flight of a black-owned airline, thanks to some last-minute passenger additions.

Fahrenheit 9/11

Directed by by American filmmaker, director and political commentator Michael Moore, the highly controversial documentary film captures a critical look at what has happened to America since the events of September 11, 2001, the George W. Bush Administration's contribution in the War on Terror, and its coverage in the news media.

Grounded For Life - Season 5

In this season, Lily and Brad have made up and are friends. Eddie is confronted on the bar stage by one of the exes he dumped, Faye, and decides to make amends. Jimmy spies on Taya, and since Brad is there, Lily joins in.

NCIS - Season 2

Returning in Season 2 of NCIS series, the elite anti-crime team, led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs - a highly skilled investigator and interrogator, continues to work on the field and solve several cases that involve with the Navy and Marine Corps. NCIS's special blend of humor, drama, and action sets it apart, and the season finale packs a punch so surprising that only time will tell how the team will recover.

Main Hoon Na


Main Hoon Na

The film follows Indian army Major Ram Prasad Sharma whose mission of "Project Milap" - the releasing of detained civy on either side of the borders of India and Pakistan - can be executed in peace and stability, leads his daughter's life to be under threats. To defend her, Ram Prasad poses as a student at her college, where he discovers to be the key to realize his deceased father's last wish - finding his estranged half-brother and reunite the family.

Chasing Liberty

The film is a story of Anna Foster whose father is the President of the United State of America when she was eighteen. To attend a concert in Prague, Anna makes a deal with her father that she allows only two agents to follow her, but she later runs away with a hansome photographer Ben Calder when her father withdraws his promise. However, their love is in trouble when Anna finds out Ben works undercover for her father.

Strange Bedfellows

Two lifelong friends pretend to become a loving gay couple to save a lot of money. Unfortunately, they must face the investigation of a tax inspector and the truth can be exposed.

That 70s Show - Season 7

This season features Eric and Donna' friends struggling to carry new responsibilities in their families, however, the long-time engaged couple can not work out and decide to get it back to friendship. What other turns awaits in the new espisodes of the Emmy-winner "That 70's Show"?

The Thing Below

A research team assigned to investigate a top secret drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico, soon discovers that the remote oil rig has trap them in the middle of the ocean with a horrible creature lurking under their feet.

Monk - Season 3

Season 3 opens with Monk and his colleagues traveling to New York City to interview someone connected to Trudy's murder. While they are waiting, Monk helps solve the murder of the Latvian ambassador.
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