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War Movie List

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At War with the Army

The film follows two soldiers in the US army training camp during World War II, First Sergeant Vic Puccinelli and Private First Class Alvin Korwin. Despite of their cleverness, the two have to face...

Troy: Fall Of A City - Season 1

This series retells the story of the 10 year siege of Troy, which occurred in the 12 or 13th century BC. It is a story of a love that threatens to bring down an empire to its knees.

The Fighting Seabees

Wedge Donovan is a tough construction boss, building airstrips in the Pacific for the U.S. Navy during World War II. He clashes with his liaison officer, Lieutenant Commander Robert Yarrow. What will...

The Mark of Cain

The film follows three British young soldiers as they experience the extremity of war for the first time, and the permanent effects of what they have seen and done as they return from their tour of...




The movie depicts one of the biggest events of the American Civil War, the Battle of Gettysburg which happened in 1863 between the Northern and Southern forces. As the battle rages on and casualties...

A War (Krigen)

A War (Krigen) is a drama film directed and written by Tobias Lindholm. It released on 10 September 2015 (Denmark). The film stars Pilou Asbæk, Dar Salim, Tuva Novotny. Company commander Claus M....




A German patrol comes to the valley to complete his mission a my special mission. So that, he has a fate encounter with Sarah who lives without her husband.

Attack on Darfur

The plot revolves around six Western journalists who visit a small village in Darfur. When they learn the brutal state sponsored militia called the Janjaweed are heading towards the village, they are...

Megan Leavey


Megan Leavey

This movie is about a Marine whose devotion to her bomb-sniffing dog extends beyond the war zone. Over the course of their service, they completed more than 100 missions until an IED explosion...

Casualties of War

The film tells the story of Eriksson, a member of an American squadron stationed in the deepest jungles of Southeast Asia, who refuses to rape a young Vietnamese girl during Vietnam War. And then...

The Hateful Eight

Set six or eight or twelve years after the Civil War, this crime drama features a bounty hunter and his prisoner hurtling through the wintry Wyoming landscape. Along the road, they encounter two...

An Act Of War


An Act Of War

Struggling with insomnia and stress disorder post-traumatic, a soldier worked at nights as a projector operator at an old movie theater. While struggling to adapt to everyday life, he found himself...

Laugh Or Die


Laugh Or Die

This is a story about zest for life and power of laughter, about a group of Finnish actors who are sentenced to death. When an important German general arrives, the camp's vicious commandant forges...

Braddock: Missing in Action 3

After receiving news about his Vietnamese wife and his 12-year-old son, Colonel Braddock are determined to come back to Communist-ruled Vietnam and rescue them. There he confronts a sadistic...

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

SNL alumni Tina Fey steps into the well worn shoes of journalist Kim Barker in Paramount Pictures' adaptation of Barker's memoir The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which...

From Here To Eternity

Sergeant Milt Warden (Burt Lancaster) enters into an affair with Karen (Deborah Kerr), the wife of his commanding officer. Each of their lives will be changed when their stories culminate in the...

TURN: Washington's Spies - Season 2

Season 2 opens with a spy in London sending an urgent message to America; Mary impeding Abe's attempt to restart the spy ring; Benedict Arnold arriving in camp.

Bomb Girls - Season 1

The film starring Meg Tilly, Jodi Balfour, Charlotte Hegele is directed by Michael MacLennan, Adrienne Mitchell. It starts with Gladys Witham is a rich-girl who has a chance to work at Victory...

Operation Dunkirk

A squad of soldiers are forced to fight their way past Nazis to save an important scientist during World War II who could help turn the tide of the war. Can they protect her long enough to escape the...




During the last days of Vietnam War, Hambleton 's aircraft is shot down while on an aerial reconnaissance mission.A frantic rescue operation ensues. Due to the efforts of of a rescue pilot he is able...

Sarah's Key


Sarah's Key

One of the darkest moments in French history occurred in 1942 Paris when French officials rounded up over 10,000 Jews and placed them in local camps. Julia Jarmond, an American journalist is...

The Coming Convergence

End-of-days scenarios are postulated. Through newly discovered geological and statistical patterns, many believe it can be proven that the Tribulation is about to begin!

Dear John


Dear John

This is a romantic drama starring Channing Tatum as John Tyree, a young soldier who meets Savannah Curtis, a conservative college student while he's home on leave. The two soon find themselves...

Letters from Iwo Jima

The movie tells about the battle beween the U.S. and Imperial Japan in Iwo Jima island during World War II. General Tadamichi Kuribayashi is in command of the forces on the island and draws plan to...

Force 10 from Navarone

Force 10 from Navarone is a British war film. Major Keith Mallory and Sergeant John Miller has mission to kill Nicolai .Nicolai is now known to be Colonel von Ingorslebon.




A risible misfire of a contemporary war drama, the low-budget “Unfallen”2017, following twin brothers, separated during a civil war in Tajikistan, face each other years later in a new war where...

Mad Max: Fury Road

After a nuclear disaster, the world has become a desert wasteland. Max Rockatansky, a survivor, is captured by the army of the tyrannical Immortan Joe and used as a blood bag. When Imperator Furiosa,...

Home Fires (UK) - Season 2

In this season, Britain faces the threat of imminent invasion. As the Battle of Britain looms, the villagers of Great Paxford live under a cloud of fear and suspicion. News of the Bowers' divorce...

The Fighting Kentuckian

The film follows John Wayne is a leader of a regiment in the war in 1812. He must go through fire and water to save his love, his homeland and protects innocent people.

Flying Tigers


Flying Tigers

The film centers on the Flying Tigers are American volunteer pilots fight in the fatal battle in China. John Wayne is an excellent leader. He must go through fire and water to control his team and...
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