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Romance Movie List

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This short is about a young woman who gets roped into meeting her fiancé's parents for the first time. She then grapples with wanting their approval and facing the secret he's been keeping from them.

A Werewolf Boy

A Werewolf Boy is an emotional story between a werewolf and a girl. He is a handsome and young guy, who got lost and separated from the world of him. He went into a village and met a girl named Soon-Il. Soon Il is an introverted girl closed and lonely. They met each other and had a romantic love story.

Actor for Hire

Jesse, being a BALD, out of work actor and desperate to be seen, discovers the power of persona in the form of a cheap wig. Wearing a part to play the part can be hairy business in this industry satire where status, celebrity, and friendship are all on the line.

Hollywood Dirt

The movie tells the story of Cole Masten, Hollywood’s Sexiest Bachelor, as he comes to Quincy to film about the billionaires and how they made their fortunes there. When he meets Summer Jenkins, the town pariah, they first hate each other, but soon sparks fly.

St. Elmo's Fire

Featuring an ensemble full of beautiful and talented young actors, this comedy drama centers on an a septet of Georgetown graduates who fret about their futures. They don't know how they will do after they graduate? Let's follow the film.

My Favorite Wedding

The movie tells the story of a Boston surgical resident as she's in the dilemma of returning home or relocating after she meets and bonds with a divorce lawyer at her best friend's wedding.

Stand By Me Doraemon

The first day the boy Sewashi -4th descendants of Nobita from 22th century- traveled through time machine and carried a functional robot to help people by secret things. Sewashi said that the whole family suffers from Nobita's debt. So Sewashi brings Doraemon to help Nobita. Since that, Nobita lives more happily. What will happen to Nobita's life after Doraemon leaves ?

The O.C. - Season 4

In this season, Ryan and Seth go on a road trip to Mexico, in hopes of finding Volchok, and are soon followed by Sandy and Kirsten. Julie finds herself alone on Thanksgiving when she is not welcome in the Cohens' house.

East of Eden


East of Eden

East of Eden tells a saga of the bitter rivalry between two men who are eternally bound by fate. Shin Tae-hwan is the managing director of a coal mine. The true embodiment of ruthless ambition, he strives to inherit the coal mining. In the process, he kills Lee Ki-chul...

The Edge of Love

Set in rural Wales and 1940s London, this biopic tells the story of two feisty, free-spirited women who are connected by the brilliant, charismatic poet who loves them both.

Page Turner


Page Turner

Page Turner (Peiji Teoneo ) is a Drama Music film directed by Jae-Hoon Lee and written by Hye-ryun Park. It released on TV Movie 26 March 2016. The film stars Ji-soo, So-hyun Kim, Jae-ha Sin . A piano prodigy who may never play again. A star athlete who can never compete again. A terrible accident entwines the lives of Yoon Yoo Seul (Kim So Hyun) and Jung Cha Sik (Ji Soo) and forces them to find a new direction in life. Yoo Seul is a genius pianist who is being pushed by the unrealized dreams of her mother (Ye Ji Won).

The Other Side

The movie tells the story of a man who must fight for his fiancée's affection, after her old college friend visits with plans of rekindling more than just a friendship.

Slow Learners


Slow Learners

The film is about Jeff and Anne, who are two close friends as well as colleagues. Both met many confusing, embarrassing and unfortunate things. To change the situation, they are on a plan to change themselves by wallowing in sex and alcohol.




Richard, a young man is trying to reconnect with his mother's boyfriend Kai. When Kai died after a sudden accident, he left his mother alone. Kai was like a bridge connect his mother to the world, he shared his life with her but did not talk about he is gay.

The Philadelphia Experiment

Everything becomes chaos when a ship with two men are sent to the future for forty nine years by dint of a wrong decision. They have to struggle with the change and find the way to escape this unexpected circumstance.

Forty Guns


Forty Guns

The story follows Jessica Drummond, a powerful landowner who runs her territory with an iron fist through her forty hired guns. Things are under her control until a reformed gunslinger named Griff Bonnell appears and challenges her power.

My Moms New Boyfriend

A movie focuses on Henry Durand, a young federal agent who must care for his mother after his father died. However, when his mother has relationship with a man who is believed to be involved in a gang of art thieves, Henry faces with a difficult assignment of keeping track of his mother and her new boyfriend.

Pride and Prejudice Atlanta

In a contemporary adaptation of the Jane Austen classic, “Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta” follows Reverend Bennet (Reginald VelJohnson, “Family Matters”), a pastor of a prominent southern Baptist church and his wife Mrs. Bennet (Jackée Harry, “Sister, Sister”), who is the author of a self-help book on how to find the perfect husband. Needless to say, Mrs. Bennet is less than thrilled that all five of their daughters, Lizzie (Tiffany Hines, “Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart”), Jane (Raney Branch, “Being Mary Jane”), Mary (Brittney Level, “The Purge”), Lydia (Reginae Carter, “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta”) and Kitty (“Alexia Bailey”), are still single. When the very eligible Will Darcy (Juan Antonio, “Empire”) arrives in town, Mrs. Bennet sets her sights on the handsome bachelor for daughter Lizzie, leading to a modern-day, comedic take on themes familiar to fans of the novel.

The Notebook


The Notebook

Local country boy Noah Calhoun encounters the wealthy 17-year-old heiress Allie Hamilton at a carnival, and they fall in love with each other. But their love is soon challenged by their social different, misunderstanding and many other difficulties. But when they spend the last moments of their lives with each other, their love is still integrity as the first moment.

The Song of Sway Lake

The movie centers on a young jazz collector who plots to rob his wealthy grandmother of a rare 78 record, but his plan is derailed when his accomplice falls for the glamorous matriarch.

Fifty Shades Darker

Following the events of Fifty Shades of Grey, Anastasia "Ana" Steele tries to move on from her relationship with Christian Grey. Christain tries to entice a cautious Ana Steele back into his life, however, his past threatens to tear the couple apart again.

Waterloo Road - Season 9

In this season, unruly pupils still creates a lot of headaches among the school, but the deputy head George also adds to the dramatic scene his affair with Princess Windsor, the wife of his new Mandarin teaching assistant. From the middle of the season, Simon becomes the new deputy of Waterloo Road, and he soon goes after Christine, who settles in as the head teacher, and trying to prove that she is bad for this position.

Little Fockers

After 10 years of marriage, Greg and Pam are the proud parents of two lovely twins. But they are having problem with money so the devoted nurse Greg decides to take a second job working for a drug company. However that decision does not sound good to Jack, whose previous suspicions regarding his hapless son-in-law soon returns in full force after learning of this development.




Adah and Aaron are literally Assholes. In this movie, they bond over their love of buttholes, their fondness for poppers, and the growth of their genital and oral herpes with such vehemence that their faces transform into actual anuses.

Elena Undone


Elena Undone

Peyton and Elena are two very different woman. Peyton is a famous lesbian writer when Elena is a common housewife. They meet several times and both start to develop a special bond toward each other which later turns to love. Falling helplessly, their love story may not only be filled with sweetness.

Private Practice - Season 3

In this season, Violet survives from the cliffhanger from season two thanks to Pete, Naomi and Addison. She gives Pete their baby, Lucas, while she recovers from the ordeal. Addison and Sam get even closer and develop feelings for each other, but decide not to become a couple because they don't want to hurt Naomi.

The Princess of France

A year after directing a troupe of young actors in “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” Victor returns from Mexico to Buenos Aires, re-gathering the cast to record a radio performance, but all the actresses involved want his intimate attention one way or another.

The Nutty Professor

Massively obese, yet loving and kind-hearted, professor Sherman Klump is painfully shy and a bit clumsy, so his romantic prospects are rather bleak. Klump is on the verge of a breakthrough in DNA restructuring when he meets an admirer of his, named Carla, who is a new teacher. He then decides to test a formula on which he's been working on himself. Suddenly, Klump is transformed into the slim, trim, and handsome Buddy Love; however, the drug also boosts his testosterone level, turning the likable Sherman into the arrogant, skirt-chasing Buddy.

This Is Not What I Expected

The movie centers on a flamboyant sous-chef who uses her culinary skills to win over a hotel-acquisition specialist who happens to be wealthy and handsome.
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