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Romance Movie List

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From Here To Eternity

Sergeant Milt Warden (Burt Lancaster) enters into an affair with Karen (Deborah Kerr), the wife of his commanding officer. Each of their lives will be changed when their stories culminate in the...

Monarch of the Glen - Season 4

In this season, Archie is interested in attracting more visitors to the estate by installing a new wildlife centre which thoroughly aggravates Golly. Meanwhile, Lexie is very displeased when she sees...




When straight-laced Princeton University admissions officer Portia Nathan pays a recruiting visit to an alternative high school, she receives some news that catches her way off-guard. There she meets...

[16+]Eating Out 3 All You Can Eat

In the third installment of this gay comedy franchise, Rebekah Kochan returns as Tiffani, a wacky heroine who attempts to help her friend Casey (Daniel Skelton) find true love. This entry in the...

Goodbye to All That

In this whit-smart comedy from director Angus MacLachlan, an ignorant husband named Otto Wall gets left by his wife, making him desperately finds the meaning of true love once again.

The Last American Virgin

A funny, very dramatic but very realistic view of teens life on the 80s regarding sex, love, drugs and work. It also shows the pain of adolescence & that life is not always what you expect it to be...

Man to Man


Man to Man

This drama depicts stories between an actor, who has been living as a celebrity star for a long time, and a crafty, cunning, mysterious bodyguard who is trained in special investigations.




A story about gay love about Max, a gay and as such is sent to Dachau concentration camp under the Nazi regime. He denies he is gay and gets a yellow label (the one for Jews) instead of pink (the one...

Love On Safari

After Kira inherits a wildlife reserve in South Africa, she travels there to meet the no-nonsense head ranger, Tom. When she learns the reserve is in financial jeopardy and she may have to sell it to...

Bend it Like Beckham

There are two girls who love to play football in West London and Hamburg. Their dream is to become professional football player. But their family do not agree and would be happy if they can take a...

The Protector


The Protector

Camille Logan is determined to be more than the spoiled heiress and daddy’s girl that everyone sees. After fighting hard to be independent and happy, she finds her life threatened as a result of...

The Devil Wears Prada

This movie revolves around a journalism student - Andrea who has graduated. Like many other newly graduated student in this film, Andrea wants to find a job that would give her the opportunity and...

Definitely, Maybe

In this film, Ryan Reynolds brings a new character - a father who tells his daughter his love story with her mother , when looking at the past, he is given a second chance at the future.




In this crime drama, a female prison guard is seduced by a charming inmate, but are his intensions true or is his desire for survival and freedom far greater?

Hit The Floor - Season 4

Hit The Floor - Season 4 continues to revolve around Ahsha and the situations she faces as a new member of the Los Angeles Devil Girls.

Bubble Gum


Bubble Gum

Set in the backdrop of a hospital and a radio station, where people with different problems get together and lead a happier life.

Beyond Paradise

The movie depicts a love square among a stunning music student, her husband, their gardener and her pino teacher. Everything might be destroyed when their relationships get more and more complicated.

Mens Manual


Mens Manual

Choi Bona is an assistant in a TV advertising company of the famous director Ryuk. One day, Bona is forced to buy an old tape from a mysterious old man. The content of the tapes is the sermon of Dr....

Some Kind of Wonderful

Watts - a tomboy suddenly feels she is falling for her best friend - Keith. The problem is Keith is dating one of the most recognizable girl at school. Meanwhile, the girl's ex boyfriend is...

The Wedding Pact

The Wedding Pact is a story revoling in 2 two close friend from the university Mitch and Elizabeth . They have a pact that 15 years later if they are alone, they will get married. And do they come...

Separation City

When his wife no longer interested in sex, Simon is attracted by Katrien, a friend of his wife who has just suffered from divorce. Due to the lonely from the breakdown of her marriage, Katrien soon...

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

This drama depicts the story of love and dreams between three young potential athletes: weightlifter Kim Book Joo, swimmer Jung Joon Hyung, rhythmic-gymnast Song Shi Ho, and the nutritionist Jung Jae...

Bonjour Tristesse

On the French Riviera, Cécile is a decadent young girl who lives with her rich playboy father, Raymond. Anne, a mature and cultured friend of Raymond's late wife, arrives at Raymond's villa for a...

The Big Bang Theory - Season 11

In Season 11 opener, Amy has trouble deciding whether or not she should marry Sheldon. Meanwhile, Bernadette confides in Penny when she finds out some huge news.

Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle

The movie tells the story of Maggie, a single mom, who spent one unforgettable summer with a boy when they were teens and she’s never forgotten his magical definition of love. Now her young son...

Mystery Queen


Mystery Queen

The drama is about an ajumma who has always wanted to be detective but has to give up on her dream as a prosecutor's wife. She later runs into a passionate Detective and they'll eventually team up to...

Love in the Afternoon

Love in the Afternoon ( Also Known As: Ariane) is a Comedy, Romance, Drama film directed by Billy Wilder and written by I.A.L. Diamond (screenplay). It released on 30 June 1957 (USA). The film stars...

Valid Love


Valid Love

Could it be a love affair with two different men - at once, wholeheartedly and truly fair? Kim Il Ri (played by Lee Si Young) finds herself falling in love not only with her husband but also with...

The Christmas Pact

Next door neighbors Sadie and Ben reveal if best friends can fall in love as they keep the spirit of Christmas and the magic of their childhood pact alive.

Private School

This 80s teen comedy tells a story about nudity, teenage sex, and big, destructive gags around an exclusive all girl private school.Those are three of the hallmarks of American education.
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