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Romance Movie List

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Looks Like Christmas

The movie depicts the battle between single parents as Carol is responsible for preparing for the annual Christmas Spectacular event at her children’s school and she would not like any plan changes...

The Holiday


The Holiday

English woman Iris and American woman Amanda meet online and share the same disappointment with guy-problems. So they decide to exchange home for vacations. While both of them experience a culture...

Color of Night

Attempts on his life escalate as a New York psychologist (Bruce Willis) closes in on a colleague's killer in Los Angeles. The quest to catch the killer centres around a group, all of whom have a...

Christmas Wedding Planner

The movie is about a wedding planner who is planning her beloved cousin's lavish and exclusive wedding. Everything is going smoothly until a devilishly handsome private investigator shows up and...

Thirst Street


Thirst Street

Alone and depressed after the suicide of her lover, American flight attendant Gina begins to lose sight of reality when she falls for nightclub bartender Jerome in Paris.

The L Word - Season 5

In this season of The L Word, there are many important events. Shane makes a decision to live with Paige to help raise her son by dint of Paige's changes. Morever, Jenny suddenly returns from a...




Brilliant researchers Lillian Reynolds and Michael Brace have developed a system of recording and playing back actual experiences of people, only to have devastating results when Reynolds records her...

Emergency Couple

Although Jin-Hee and Chang-Min marry young, they get a divorce soon after when things between them turn bitter. Years later, they meet again as interns in an ER, where they must deal with a demanding...

Because I Love You

The film is about a genius composer who gains the ability to transfer into other people's soul after an accident, the one schoolgirl who believes in him, and their adventures in pairing up couples...

I Sell Love


I Sell Love

This film is about a girl, she undertook compensated dating, regarding it as pure personal choice that has nothing to do with ethics. Until she met long term sponsor (Cheung) and a young guy of...

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry

The film follows Larry Rayder and Deke Sommers who are pursued because they steal a lot of money from a supermarket manager to buy a sports car. What will happen to them?

The Meddler


The Meddler

An aging widow from New York City follows her daughter to Los Angeles in hopes of starting a new life after her husband passes away. She begins interfering with her daughter's life, but soon she...

The Age of Innocence

The film tells the story of wealthy lawyer Newland Archer who is engaged to May while hoping for a reunion with Ellen, May's cousin, who is separated from her husband.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

The series tells the story of Bong Soon, a fragile looking young woman who was born with immense strength. An Min-Hyuk, a chaebol heir with eccentric tendencies, hires her as his bodyguard, and it's...

Mom - Season 4

In this season, Adam moves in with Bonnie, however, Bonnie regrets it soon when she and Christy see that his director buddy likes alcohol too much, which sorely tests their relationship. Meanwhile,...

Hall Pass


Hall Pass

Rick and Fred are best friends who have a lot of common points. Both of them are unhappy with their marriage and miss the single life before, so their wives decide to give them a “hall pass” and...

Open Range


Open Range

Open Range is about the battle of the Westerns cowboys. Film with the participation of the actor Kevin Costner, Robert Duvall, Diego Luna attracts many viewers. And it is directed by Kevin Costner.




Experience the friendships, romances and adventures of a group of high school kids in the 1950s. Good girl Sandy and greaser Danny fell in love over the summer. But are they able ti rekindle their...

December Boys


December Boys

They share the same birth month, so the orphanage calls them December Boys. With no hopes of ever joining a family, they form their own familial bonds. But things get complicated when they find...

1 Mile to You


1 Mile to You

After some of his fellow students die in an accident, a teen turns to the sport of running. Running, however, also brings him notoriety. He is caught between keeping the past alive and making new...

Sailor Moon Super S (English Audio)

Chibiusa and the pursuit of dreams as an enemy from the hidden past (the Dead Moon Circus) returns during a total solar eclipse, bent on revenge against the joyful people of Earth and intent on...

Imitation Of Life

Lora Meredith, a white single mother, meeting Annie Johnson - a black widow. While Lora pursues her stage career, Annie becomes Lora's daughter's caretaker, Suzie . Both women have to deal with the...




Dave Kovic, who runs an employment agency, looks similar to the president of the United States, Bill Mitchell and sometimes is asked to work as a Bill Mitchell impersonator. One day, after he is...

10 Rules For Sleeping Around

Ben and Kate is about to get married. They learn ten rules for sleeping around - the secret key to keep their relationship exciting from their best friends Vince and Cameron. Besides, they also...

Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

The movie tells the story of an aging Pat Garrett who is hired as a lawman on behalf of a group of wealthy New Mexico cattle barons, his sole purpose being to bring down his old friend Billy the...

Its A Boy Girl Thing

Woody and Nell lived next door to each other since childhood. Woody enjoyed playing sports while Nell was a bookworm. During a visit to the museum, Woody and Nell clashed and quarreled before the...

A Knight's Tale

After his noble employer passes away, a peasant squire, motivated by his desire for food and glory, decides to pose as a knight to take part in a jousting tournament, with the help of some fellow...

A Man Called God

The film begins when Michael King plans to revenge his parents' death. He believes that he can use his power as head of an underground drug kingpin to punish those who hurt him.

Shall We Dance

John Clark is a meek workaholic who feels trapped in a dull, mind-numbing existence. But one night, his whole life changes when he notices a beautiful instructor, and signs up for ballroom dancing...

According to Jim - Season 7

Following Jim, who lives with his wife and three children, on his everyday life, this film tells funny stories around normal-real affair. In the beginning of season 7, Jim has the almighty power and...
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