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Family Movie List

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Honey 3: Dare to Dance

After losing her place at a prestigious academy, a struggling dancer (Cassie Ventura) puts friends, family, and faith on the line to produce an innovative hip hop Romeo and Juliet show. Once again, she dares to dream and risks it all to put on a performance you'll never forget.

A.N.T. Farm - Season 1

The series centers on an 11-year-old musical prodigy who gets into a gifted program called Advanced Natural Talents at the local high school. She and her friends there must make the most of their high school experience, despite the decidedly lukewarm welcome from their fellow students.

Girl Asleep


Girl Asleep

The movie is an upbeat yet emotionally accurate reflection of its 15-year-old protagonist, Greta Driscoll (Bethany Whitmore), who can't bear to leave her childhood because it contains all the things that give her comfort in this incomprehensible new world.

A Dream Of Christmas

An ambitious married woman gets more than she bargained for when her wish to be single again is granted. Realizing that being single doesn’t mean that life is better, she hopes that she can change her Christmas wish status back to married again. But can it be done?

Free Rein The Twelve Neighs of Christmas

As Bright Fields preps for its Mistletoe Ball, a broken ornament leads Zoe to a family secret, while Gaby finds herself at the mercy of new boss Mia.

Thank You for Playing

“That Dragon, Cancer” is a special video game is created by a video game programmer Ryan Green because of his young son who must struggle cancer. He determines to documentary everything in their life in the form of beautiful video game.

The Wiz


The Wiz

This is an adaption of “The Wizard of Oz” following a twenty-four-year-old Dorothy, a kindergarten in Harlem who is a shy and unsuccessful woman. But her life is change when she chases her dog in a snowstorm and then is taken to the mysterious Land of Oz where she meets some creatures having same problem in life with her while searching the way to home.

A Dog's Way Home

A Dog’s Way Home chronicles the heartwarming adventure of Bella, a dog who embarks on an epic 400-mile journey home after she is separated from her beloved human.

Dragon Hunters - Season 2

Directed by Guillaume Ivernel (also Art Director) and Arthur Qwak, producer by Philippe Delarue (Futurikon), a full-length computer-animated 3D movie was made by Mac Guff Ligne Paris, Futurikon and Trixter Film GmbH. The film is presented in a different timeline, with Gwizdo, Lian Chu and Hector as roving travelers, and Zoe replacing the roles of Jennyline and Zaza.

2 Broke Girls - Season 3

The two girls open the cupcake shop right at the diner back, buy a cappuchinno machine. even though there are obstacles, step by step, they are geeting near to their dream.

Free Willy: Escape from Pirate's Cove

An Australian teenager, Kirra, is sent to stay with her grandfather after her father was hospitalized for six weeks. Upon arrival, Kirra is met at the airport by Mansa, one of her grandpa's employees. Kirra is initially unhappy about leaving her father, but...

The Cookie Mobster

A young mob member goes into the Witness Protection Program and settles into a quiet suburban village, where he falls for his neighbor and helps her daughter bake Girl Scout Cookies while dodging his former associates who have tracked him down.

Super Buddies


Super Buddies

The five golden puppies Buddies Budderball, Buddha, Rosebud, B.Dawg, and Mudbud turn supernatural when they discover five magical rings from the planet Inspiron that bring each of them unique superpowers: super strength, mind-control, super speed, super elasticity and invisibility. Together, the Buddies must utilize their amazing capabilities and set on a run to rescue the world it comes under the threat of a shape-shifting bully from outer space.

Take Me Out


Take Me Out

The movie follows a Chicago teenager, Nicholas Dupree, who rebels against his over possessive father, Farris, while dealing with a sibling rivalry in his older brother, Ricky. After his mother Carol introduces him to an old family friend, Mr. Johnson, he finds his path.

Are You Afraid of the Dark - Season 4

This season begins with two brothers Rush and Max accidentally free the spirit of a ruthless pirate captain called Jonas Cutter after unlocking an antique treasure. When Max is kidnapped by Cutter, Rush must find Dr. Vink for help in order to rescue his younger brother and take a revenge of Cutter who kills their great grandfather.

The Legend Of Sarila

Set in Far North in the autumn 1910, the film is about an adventure of three young Inuits in search of Sarila with the hope of saving their clan and a fight to the dealth between two shamans the young Markussi and the aged Croolik who thinks that his power is threatened.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves

After years preparing, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine finally decide to have a wedding ceremony. Unfortunately before the wedding is carried out, the legendary Forty Thieves disrupts in order to look for a powerful treasure, whose identity unexpectedly causes trouble for Aladdin.

Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

A Christmas film directed by Les Mayfield and starring Richard Attenborough, Elizabeth Perkins,Dylan McDermott. The film is a remake of the classic play with the same name and features the faith in Santa Claus of a six year old girl named Susan. Little Susan has always doubt about the existence of Santa Claus until a precious gift is sent prove it's true.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Films based on work of famous writer written about the boy Dr.Seuss Grinch (Jim Carrey) misfortune of being born with bizarre appearance and the body covered of hairy. This led him to become the subject of gossip and tease of the boys in the school. To take revenge, Grinch plans on ruining the Christmas holiday for all of the citizens of the town.

The Adventure of Sharkboy and Lavagirl

In this family adventure movie from the hit-making director of Spy Kids, Max is a lonely boy with a wild imagination. He has a pair of very special imaginary playmates, Sharkboy and Lava Girl, and he is recruited to help them as they do battle against Mr. Electricity, a super-villain determined to deprive children of their sleep.

Hunter Street - Season 2

Nickelodeon’s adventure-comedy series Hunter Street has been officially renewed for a 20-episode Season 2.The show stars Stony Blyden, Mae Mae Renfrow, Kyra Smith, Thomas Jansen, and Daan Creyghton, as five foster children in Amsterdam who attempt to find out what happened to their disappearing foster parents, Erik (Ronald Top) and Kate Hunter (Tooske Ragas).

Degrassi Junior High - Season 3

In this season, Wheels is startled to come home and find out that both of his parents were killed by a drunk driver. Lucy gets a bad reputation when the rumor spreads that she is sleeping with her boyfriend Paul.

Hot Tub Time Machine

Film tells the story of four best friends bored with life: Adam, Lou, Nick and Jacob. After a drunken night in the hot tub at the resort, four 'old friend' brothers wake up and realize they were in ... 1986. They gradually find the secrets about this magic tub.

Zeus and Roxanne

‘’ Zeus and Roxanne ‘’ focuses on a marine biologist named Mary Beth, who feels annoyed as a dò called Zeus stows aboard her research boat. However, she is interested when the encroaching canine makes best-friends with her captive dolphin, Roxanne. Then she falls in love with Zeus’s owner, Terry, a musician who rides a bike.




The film follows three pairs of friends (Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Mary Mouser) as they deal with the ups and downs of their ever-changing relationships that go from friends to enemies and back again.

Tarzan (1999)


Tarzan (1999)

One of Disney's classic animations, "Tarzan" is the story of a young man who is raised by the apes after his parents' death Africa. Discovered by a group of Western explorer, Tarzan must decide to where he belongs: human world or the jungles?

As Told By Ginger - Season 4

In this season, Carl and Hoodsey plan to make a movie based on an escaped mental patient that is believed to be hiding in the Loon Lake area. Ginger decided to play an April's Fools joke on Dodie by forging a love note from the weirdest guy in school.

Star Falls - Season 1

Welcome to the dream! In this series, teen Sophia persuades a Hollywood star, Bo Brooks, and his family to live in her house while he shoots a movie in town, hoping that he'll fall in love with her mom.

Loves Unfolding Dream

The movie follows eighteen year old aspiring doctor Belinda Tyler as she struggles to choose between her career aspirations as a doctor and her feelings for a handsome New York lawyer who wants a traditional wife.
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