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Drama Movie List

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The White King

The film follows Djata, a 12-year-old boy growing up in a dystopian dictatorship called Homeland, without access to the rest of the world. When the government imprisons his father, Peter, and Djata and his mother Hannah are labeled traitors, the boy will not rest until he sees his father again.

Five Feet Apart

Seventeen-year-old Stella spends most of her time in the hospital as a cystic fibrosis patient. Her life is full of routines, boundaries and self-control -- all of which get put to the test when she meets Will, an impossibly charming teen who has the same illness.

Monarch of the Glen - Season 6

In this season, it's a new era at Glenbogle and Paul is the new laird. Despite his best interests, his attitudes towards the highland traditions are starting to bother the family. Meanwhile, Lexie returns briefly from New Zealand causing Paul to become a little suspicious.

Preaching to the Perverted

This British saucy comedy tells the story of Henry Harding, a member of British Parliament and a self-styled moral crusader who is deeply disturbed by news that Tanya Cheex, a dominatrix from the U.S., has opened a night club for S&M enthusiasts in England. He then persuades Peter, an ambitious young man, to infiltrate and gather evidence for a private prosecution against these fetish clubs.

Jesse Stone: No Remorse

The film content: Jesse Stone: No Remorse is a American television film directed by Robert Harmon based on the Jesse Stone novels by Robert B. Parker. This film tells a story about the police chief in a small town investigating murders in Boston for a colleague and discovering evidence that leads to a notorious boss.

Good Behavior - Season 2

In Season 2 opener, Jacob is in their custody; and Letty and Javier are settling in a quaint beach town. Only, Letty is still stealing and Javier is still killing. When a hit goes wrong for Javier, and he discovers someone is trying to kill him, Letty is forced to face the reality of being in a relationship with him.

Off Season


Off Season

A young woman takes work on a Martha's Vineyard farm and befriends the ten year old farmer's daughter only to discover present day horrors that stem from a dark past.

The Way He Looks

The way he looks is a gentle romance about the peaceful life of a group of young students during their spring break, they decide to organize a trip in the garden in order to reward themselves the most peaceful moments after a hard-working day of learning.

The Watchman's Canoe

This movie is about Jett, a girl of mixed caucasian and indigenous descent, who struggles to fit in with her peers on the reservation. After summoning the trees to shield her from bullies, she realizes she has a special connection with nature.

About Last Night... (1986)

The film centers around two pairs of friends who meet at a company softball game. Demi Moore can’t stop looking at Rob Lowe, and vice versa, so they quickly strike up a relationship based on their mutual, intense attraction. Their friends don’t take it so well, though, and the film develops into something a little more complex.

No Way to Live

Set in South America, 1950, the movie centers on an interracial teenage couple who rob and steal to escape their oppressive town. However, when violence erupts they are forced to confront their own dark secrets.

Urban Country


Urban Country

A young, troubled city girl decides to move to her family owned horse ranch in a small, southern town for the summer to care for her dying mother.

Rio Bravo


Rio Bravo

A small-town sheriff in the American West enlists the help of a cripple, a town drunk, and a young gunfighter in his efforts to hold in jail a powerful local rancher's brother who killed a man in a saloon.

Term Life


Term Life

Nick Barrow plans and sells heists to the highest bidder. But when his latest job goes horribly wrong, he and his estranged daughter is hunted by mob bosses, contract killers and dirty cops.

The Wanderers


The Wanderers

The Wanderers is a slight comedy which concentrates on a football game where the different gangs play with and against each other, then at its grand finale, come together in a mass of union to defend their honour and their turf.




The film tells the story of Sakthi, a driver's son who was adopted by a local crime boss whose natural son had been killed by a police officer. Sakthi is forced to join the police force, in spite of his abomination to them. However, a horrific incident changes his mind, and he decides to take the police job seriously, in addition to reforming his father.

Missing: Sarajin Yeoja

The movie tells the story of a struggling divorcee who discovers her infant daughter and Chinese nanny have gone missing. She starts to search for them and finding some unsettling facts about the nanny.

The Childhood of a Leader

Loosely inspired by the early childhood experiences of many of the great dictators of the 20th Century, the film draws a study of the rise of fascism out of a wilful young boy’s tantrums and power struggles.

A Novel Romance

Liam, a best-selling romance novelist, takes break in Portland, where he falls in love with his biggest critic. Liam keeps his identity concealed. However, can their secret be kept forever?

Victoria Gotti My Fathers Daughter

This crime drama takes us deep into the world of what it was really like to grow up as the daughter of mob boss John Gotti, revealing the glamour, glitz and unique hardships of her world.

Monk - Season 7

Season 7 opens Monk, heartbroken by the sudden death of Dr. Kroger, rushing into homeownership and gets a little more than he bargained for when he hires a very persistent contractor.

You Me Her - Season 02

Continuing season 1, a three-way romantic relationship becomes complex when they decide to have the official commitment in order to cohabitation. What challenge must they face to balance their life?

Renaissance Man

Renaissance Man is a culture-clash comedy in which down-and-out divorcé Bill Rago (Danny DeVito) tries to teach Shakespeare to a group of "ineducable" soldiers in an army base.




Thomas Becket is the closest friend and confidant of King Henry II. But when he is assigned as Archbishop of Canterbury, Becket soon perceives that this position as head of the Church will inevitably bring him into conflict with the King's interests, and he is torn between the loyalty to the King and his duties with the Church. Taking his responsibilities as Archbishop more seriously, lifelong friendship of Becket and Henry is strenuously challenged.

Big Little Lies - Season 2

The apparently perfect lives of upper-class mothers, at a prestigious elementary school, unravel to the point of murder when a single-mother moves to their quaint Californian beach town.




The movie follows lifelong vegetarian Justine (Garance Marillier) as she arrives at veterinary school to start college, When she undergoes a carnivorous hazing ritual there, an unbidden taste for meat begins to grow in her.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Season 17

In this new season, SVU again have problems with Gregory Yates, imprisoned serial killer when a dead body drifts on shore. However, Yates causes a shock when he accuses Manhattan’s Deputy Chief Medical Examiner. When they search for secrets related to him, Carl Rudnick, an acquaintance of Yates and important figure to investigating this case suddenly disappears and is found being dead later.

The In Crowd


The In Crowd

After being released from a hospital because of mental problems, Adrien is offered a job at a country club on the East Coast by her former doctor where she is acquainted with rich and beautiful people. Adrien becomes a part of a clique of wealthy teenagers when she befriends Brittany who is living the area, but she soon discovers Brittany’s bad nature when Matt Curtis who Brittany is interested in falls for Adrien.




Petra doesn’t know who her father is. Her entire life, it’s been hidden from her. After the death of her mother, she embarks on a search that leads her to Jaume, a famous artist and a powerful, ruthless man. On her path to uncovering the truth, Petra also meets Jaume’s son, Lucas, as well as Marisa, his mother and Jaume’s wife. That is when the story of these characters begins to intertwine in a spiral of malice, family secrets and violence that drives them all to the edge. But fate’s cruel logic is derailed by a twist that opens a path to hope and redemption.
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