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Documentary Movie List

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Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness

This behind-the-scenes follows the dramatic story of the top athletes who qualified and competed at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games, the 6 day, 15 event, grueling test to find the fittest male and...

National Bird


National Bird

This documentary film drone whistleblower interviewed about borderless information gathering by the government. It follows the dramatic journey of three whistleblowers who are determined to break the...

The Grand Tour - Season 3

Follow Jeremy, Richard, and James, as they embark on an adventure across the globe. Driving new and exciting automobiles from manufacturers all over the world.

Grizzly Man


Grizzly Man

The film recalls a devastating and heartrending take on grizzly bear activists Timothy Treadwell and Amie Huguenard, who were killed in October of 2003 while living among grizzlies in Alaska. What...

Zeitgeist: The Movie

A documentary centers on the origins of the christian religion and gives an interesting view on how a few American banks have seized world power in the early of the 20th century. This is also the...

Ice Road Truckers - Season 6

In this season, Alex heads farther north than ever before on the deadly Dempster. Later, he drives on the Arctic Ocean, to the northernmost Canadian village accessible by ice road. Hugh and Rick...

Particle Fever

The documentary film helps the audience understand the basic of the Large Hadron Collider, the largest and most expensive experiment of all time. The magnificent is only for one goal: to find the...

Voyage of Time: Life's Journey

With narration by Cate Blanchett. "Voyage of Time: Life's Journey" is an exploration into our planetary past and a search for humanity's place in the future includes science and spirit, birth and...

Holy Hell


Holy Hell

A failed film student who was indoctrinated into a bizarre cult and served as its de facto cameraman for the two decades that followed, Allen gives us an inside look at the West Hollywood cult formed...

MythBusters - Season 10

Does a bullet made out of teeth leave no traces? Is it able to ride a bike underwater? Just join effect experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman and discover what urban myths really are. This season of...

Brandon Semenuks Rad Company

The movie brings viewer to a ride fasinating biking ride all over the global and captures us all by the beautiful modern day camera technique. Famous biker Brandon Semenuk gathers a team of his own...

Distance Between Dreams

The movie gives us a look into iconic surfer Ian Walsh’s world as he prepares his mind and body for the dangers of big wave surfing. “This film offers people a really in-depth look and feel for...

Dirty Old Wedge

The Wedge is famous location with powerful artificial waves is built in the 1930's. Every years, many people who take risk always come here to challenge themselves with the huge waves.

Stray Bullet


Stray Bullet

The movie is about a powerful and painful quest for justice after the death of 12-year-old Genesis Rincon, killed by a stray bullet in a gang shootout in Paterson, a poor New Jersey town close to New...

Shot In The Dark

Documentary Filmmaker Adrian Grenier documents his attempt to reunite with his estranged father. And Adrian goes on a quest with his best friend to meet his father. Film with the appearance of many...

Stan Lee's Superhumans - Season 1

The series follows Stan Lee and contortionist Daniel Browning Smith, "the most flexible man in the world", as they search the globe for real-life superhumans, people who are gifted with remarkable...

Finding Vivian Maier

The documentary helps the audience understand increasingly the most brilliant street photographers in the 20th century. Vivian Maier was a nanny who secretly took over 100,000 great photographs which...

One of Us


One of Us

This documentary tells the story of three young New Yorkers: Ari, Luzer Twersky, and Etty, who struggle to escape their oppressive Hasidic community despite threats of retaliation.

Deep Web


Deep Web

Deep Web is a documentary film about the computer network problems, including the evolution of content around a site specializing in drug trafficking, and more... From there, we will see what we...

Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck

With the documentary Cobain: Montage of Heck, filmmaker Brett Morgen helps American public to understand many things about the life and death of Kurt Cobain - a member of American rock band -...

Inspired to Ride

Cyclists prepare for and compete in the inaugural Trans Am Bike Race, a 4,233 mile long stage race along the TransAmerica Trail. There are no teams, no support vehicles, no special jerseys and not a...

Boom Bust Boom

Filmmaker Terry Jones utilizes animation, puppetry and music to examine the worldwide economic collapse of 2008. Analysing the direct link between the unstable financial system and our reliance on...

Blue Planet II - Season 01

There is nowhere more powerful and unforgiving yet more beautiful and compelling than the ocean. The series "Blue Planet II" explores the greatest yet least known parts of our planet.

The Last Gold


The Last Gold

The film reveals one of the greatest untold stories in Olympic swimming history. Forty years ago, at the 1976 Montreal Games, a team of doped East German athletes thrashed their rivals from the...

Iris 2015


Iris 2015

Iris 2015 is a UK documentary film released on 10 August 2015. The film revolves around Carol who travels from Britain to Italy, Turkey and back home again when she discovers the secret of the Iris....

Farewell Ferris Wheel

This documentary explores how the U.S. Carnival industry fights to keep itself alive by legally employing Mexican migrant workers with the controversial H-2B guestworker visa.




Once a year, thousands of baristas square off in competitions around the U.S., but only one will become the National Champion. If you think you know coffee, this film will make you think twice.

Blood Sweat and Beer

Blood Sweat and Beer is a successful film and it attracts many viewers. Film based on the life of a famous folk singer Dutch world has ever known, Andre Hazes, a life full of incident and unrest.

Life Below Zero - Season 04

Six people do everything as possible to survive: Chip and Agnes teach their daughters how to live off the land. Also: Sue has three months to make a profit off her camp for the year; Andy and Kate...
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