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Documentary Movie List

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J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only

The film is an hour-long special that combines documentary footage of Mr. Cole's travels to many cities through the Midwest and the South. Mr. Cole's songs are located as part of a larger...

MTV Unplugged - Season 25

Season 25 opens with Shawn Mendes playing a stripped-down, acoustic set of his most popular hits like, “Mercy” and “There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back” at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles,...

The Blackout Experiments

The documentary looks at Blackout, an immersive horror experience in which participants willingly take part in a haunted house type event. However, their experience with Blackout becomes deeply...




This documentary depicts the unconventional life of beloved performer Chavela Vargas, whose passionate renditions of Mexican popular music and triumphant return to the stage late in life brought her...

This Changes Everything

The documentary is an epic attempt to re-imagine the vast challenge of climate change and introduces Klein's most controversial and exciting idea: that we can seize the existential crisis of climate...

Drug Lords - Season 1

They used power and fear to destroy countless lives. This series features testimony from those affected by these crime bosses, and the people tasked with bringing them down.

Get Me Roger Stone

Written and directed by Dylan Bank, Daniel DiMauro and Morgan Pehme, the film tells the story after the 2016 election about Roger Stone, a master in the dark arts of politics, plants the seeds that...

Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life

This documentary is a compelling and never-before-scene look at Chris Brown's controversial life and career. It features new concert footage, behind-the-scenes access and interviews with Usher,...

Roman Empire: Reign of Blood - Season 1

The six-part series charts the rise and fall of Commodus, the Roman Emperor who effectively brought about the end of the Roman Empire. Commodus was handsome and strong, the son of Rome's greatest...

Furthest From The Wild

The film depicts the triumphs and struggles of people who have dedicated their lives to saving neglected and abused animals. The fight and pain in keeping them healthy and giving them shelter for...

Alive Inside


Alive Inside

The documentary concentrates on the great of music which can make wonderful things in the life for example :healing the soul. It is made by many experience of listening to music which brings many...




"Harmontown" stars TV writer and producer Dan Harmon as he takes his popular podcast of the same name on a calamitous cross-country tour after he was fired from Community in 2012.

Can We Take a Joke?

The film explores how outrage mobs have ruined our ability to recover from tragedies and reduced the genuine assistance victims receive through the lens of stand-up comedy, with notables like Gilbert...

Ram Dass, Going Home

From his home on Maui, pioneering researcher, author and spiritual teacher Ram Dass reflects on love, life and death as his own days draw to a close.

Mind Field - Season 1

In this passionate series, Michael Stevens tries his best to explore human psychology: why people do what they do and why they are the way they are. But could he really succeed in the most difficult...

The Last Shot - Season 01

It is a documentary that follows the lives of American and Mexican basketball players whose careers have been derailed, as they travel south of the border in search of one last opportunity to make a...




The stigma of abortion is prolific in the American South, leaving women in poverty and women of color particularly vulnerable. Jackson is an intimate portrait of the interwoven lives of three women...

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week

" The Beatles" is a band includes 4 members. This music band is musical phenomenon in 20th century which changes trend and culture of music for the young. This document film helps the fans understand...

When We Rise - Season 1

The series is a chronicled re-telling the gay rights movement in the United States, beginning with the Stonewall riots in 1969. It depicts the personal and political struggles, set-backs and triumphs...

Weediquette - Season 1

The documentary centers on Krishna Andavolu who shows the science, culture and economics of the legalization of cannabis. What will happen ?

The Forecaster

The Forecaster is a story of finance with Martin Armstrong reads like a movie script: a man designs a model that can predict the future. He calculates developments in the world economy with eerie...

Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager

Bobby Robson was more than a manager. This movie is the definitive portrait of the English football manager, one of sport's most inspirational, influential figures, whose legacy lives on far beyond...




The film immerses audiences in a spectacular cinematic journey, soaring high above the Holy Land and plunging deep into the vibrant Old City, to increase public understanding and appreciation for...

The Walkers Among Us

Documentarians Cris Macht and Ian Vacek explores and examines why humanity is obsessed with the "zombie apocalypse", chronicling the rise in popularity of the hit television show The Walking Dead.

A Crime to Remember - Season 4

In this season, two love-struck, sex-crazed teenagers embark on a killing spree in Lincoln, Nebraska. Later, the discovery of a woman's bullet-riddled body in 1960 Kansas City, Mo., leads to a...

MythBusters - Season 4

Adam and Jamie continue their adventure on myth-testing to confirm what are called urban legends actually be. The team implements an experiment to test if a bullet fired straight up in the air can...

The Armstrong Lie

Director Alex Gibney captures the story about Lance Amstrong - everyone's favorite cyclist who owns seven Tour de France titles on his successful career until the epic downfall in 2012 due to doping...

Singing with Angry Bird

Five years ago, a Korean opera singer started a children's choir in a slum in India. Frustrated by the lack of support from the parents of his choir children, he decides to train the parents to sing...

Ice Road Truckers - Season 4

In this season, the truckers on the Dalton Highway must move 2500 loads totaling nearly 50 million pounds within 90 days. Newcomer Greg races to reignite his rivalry with Jack, before a devastating...
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