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Crime Movie List

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The film centers on Mike is a successful business man has a happy family. Suddenly, Mike's relationship with colleague becomes bad and he can not image that his advisor hatches a lot to destroy everything of Mike.

The Green Hornet

In this 3D action comedy, Seth Rogen and Jay Chou take up the roles of two anticrime warriors, who always wear black masks to hide their identities. Who are these heroes and what pushed them to do such a stupid job?

Brotherhood - Season 1

Set in an Irish neighbourhood in Providence, the series is about the intertwining lives of the Irish-American Caffee brothers on opposite sides of the law: one professional criminal and the other a local politician.

The Confession Tapes - Season 01

This crime documentary series investigates cases where people convicted of murder claim their confessions were coerced. Following a gruesome triple murder, two teens are targeted by undercover police, who use a controversial technique to try to extract a confession.

The Things We've Seen

Accusations of guilt turns a father into a fugitive. He now must go on the lam to escape the sheriff who wants him dead, leaving his home and family in need. His son Reagan searches far and wide to bring his father home and the family back together.




The film deals with an underground organization's attempt at instilling fear by means of terrorism in the United States. A newlywed gets more than she bargained for when she helps a neighbor whose life is in danger.

Pure - Season 2

"Pure" tells the story of Noah Funk, a newly-elected Mennonite pastor, who is determined to rid his community of drug traffickers by betraying a fellow Mennonite to the police.

A Fancy Piece of Homicide

The movie is about an ex-private eye who approaches the completion of his memoirs to set the record straight, when one night enveloped photographs with connections to the past anonymously begin to show up at his front door, along with a mysterious man who is receiving pictures of his own.

Death Warrant


Death Warrant

In this crime thriller, Jean-Claude Van Damme stars as officer Louis Burke, a roguish police detective, who is assigned to go undercover as convict in order to investigate a bizarre case where prison inmates are being murdered. Burke is about to unearth the shocking secret behind the penitentiary’s inner workings, when one of his former busts is transferred to the same prison.

My Moms New Boyfriend

A movie focuses on Henry Durand, a young federal agent who must care for his mother after his father died. However, when his mother has relationship with a man who is believed to be involved in a gang of art thieves, Henry faces with a difficult assignment of keeping track of his mother and her new boyfriend.

The Accountant

The movie follows a mathematical genius and possible sociopath who works as a freelance accountant uncooking the books of dangerous criminal organizations that are experiencing internal embezzlement. When he uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities and the body count starts to rise.




Years after murdering her neighbour under the guise of drink driving, Valerie returns home from prison only to find that the past is not easily forgotten as the deceased woman's son shows up on her doorstep.

Need For Speed

After serving two-year sentence in jail for involuntary manslaughter, Tobey Marshall,a street racer is set free with a revenge plan for his friend's death and his unjust case. When Tobey's rich arrogant ex-partner Dino Brewster tracks his plan and his going to join the cross-country race, he must with his best manage to destroy Dino's conspiracies of getting him out of the game, before register in time and being about to punch his enemy on the race.

The Mack


The Mack

‘’ The Mack ‘’ follows john ‘’ Goldie’’ Mickens, who returns to Oakland, Calif after a few years in the slammer on a drug bust. This time, he decides to raise himslef up in thwe world, and in order to do that he has to get rid of the barriers- two corrupt white cops and a crime lord who wants him to return as the small time.




Three Brazilian street teenagers Raphael, Gardo, and Rat live by picking up garbage to find useful waste. One day, they accidentally discover a wallet whose contents will bring them into conflict with the brutal local police force as they find themselves unlikely whistleblowers in a city full of corruption. Therefore, instead of bring the wallet to the authorities for a reward, they come to a priest, Father Juilliard and an NGO worker, Olivia for advice. But they soon see their mistake and find themselves escape from the cops and try to correct the terrible fault.

Desperate Hours

The film follows the cat-and-mouse game between the psychotic killer Michael Bosworth and the talented FBI agent Tim Cornell. Things become more complicated when Bosworth's lawyer, Nancy Breyers, is seduced by the criminal and tries to help him as all cost.

Beverly Hills Cop 3

Comedy takes a back seat to action in this third go-round for Eddie Murphy as wisecracking Detroit cop Axel Foley, who attempts to stop a gang of counterfeiters who are responsible for the death of his boss.

Arlington Road

The film is about a college professor whose wife, an FBI agent, was killed by members of an extremist right-wing terrorist group. He then becomes obsessed with the culture of these group, especially when his new all-American neighbors start acting suspiciously.

Youre All Surrounded

Eun Dae Gu, Eo Soo Sun, Park Tae Il and Ji Gook are four new recruits of the violent crime department at Gangnam Police Station, Seoul. But all of them join here due to unbefitting reasons instead of enthusiasm and passion with this job. They are under the management of Team Leader Seo Pan-Seok, who gradually trains them from imcompetent recruits to real police officers.

The Stepfather (2009)

Michael comes back home and encounters her mother's boyfriend living in his house. One day, he discovers the terrible truth about her mother's boyfriend by chance which changes absolutely the life of the entire family.

The Grifters


The Grifters

Roy Dillon seems to be stuck in complex relationship between his mother and his sexy girlfriend after an unexpected meeting in the hospital. How does he deal ?

Forever - Season 1

The film is about a 200 year-old guy living in New York City.He is trying to find the key to open the door of immortality of himself. See this movie and have wonderful time.

Best Seller


Best Seller

This movie focuses on a hatchet man Cleve who goes to see a writer also known as a cop named Dennis for a story in his next book which is about how Cleve made a living, working for one of the most popular and powerful politicians in the country. They are threatened by strong forces while traveling arround the country to gather statements and evidence.

Jesse Stone: Death In Paradise

The film content: Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise is a American television film directed by Robert Harmon based on the novel Death in Paradise by Robert B. Parker. The film tells a story about a police chief in a small town investigating the murder of a teenage girl whose body is found floating in a lake. Secrets and problems are ahead. What await them? Enjoy the film to discover by yourself.

Black Caesar


Black Caesar

Tommy Gibbs is an African-American who grew up in Harlem. As a kid, he was brutally assaulted by a cop named McKinney. The incident led him to a life of crime. As an adult, he joins New York mafia and becomes the head of a black crime syndicate in Harlem.

November Criminals

The movie follows Addison, an intelligent but disengaged high school senior, and his best friend and soul mate, a clever and levelheaded girl named Digger, as they defy the authorities to uncover the truth about their classmate's murder.

Get Shorty - Season 1

This series depicts the adventures of mobster-turned-movie producer Miles Daly. There, he meets Rick Moreweather, a washed up producer of low quality films, who begrudgingly becomes Miles’ partner and guide through the maze of show business.

Savage Youth


Savage Youth

Six young lives collide in the most horrific and twisted of ways. Based on true events.
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