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Comedy Movie List

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Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef

Along with the vampire girl from monster school who implemented an adventure into the ocean in the blue waters as the pearl of the Great Coral Reef. When the girl was sucked into the pool of schools,...

Blame it on Rio

Two best friend's vacation could not get any better. Going with their young daughters, one of them can't help but falling in love with other's little girl. Meanwhile the other father doesn't seem to...

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

The film is about Flint Lockwood, a young cute inventor, lives with glib monkey Steve. His inventions like the Remote-Control Television, Hair Un-Balder, Flying Car and RatBirds are "weird" products....

TripTank - Season 2

In this season, Gary is pranked during a Boy Scouts campout, receptionist Steve keeps getting aroused at work, Jeff has to prevent Chad from impregnating Linda with a future evil dictator on "Jeff &...

Will and Grace - Season 1

The film revolves around Will and Grace. They live together in an apartment in New York City. He's a gay lawyer, she's a straight interior designer. Will advises Grace against marrying Danny and she...

Because Its The First Time

Yoon Tae-oh is a free-spirited college freshman who hosts his rooftop as a hideout of sorts for his five friends. As Tae-oh starts to fall for his childhood friend, Song-yi, Seo Ji-an starts to...

Dice - Season 2

Continuing season 1, Comedian Andrew Dice Clay must deal with difficulties to balance his life in this semi-autobiographical comedy series. What challenge must he face to attain his goal? Let's enjoy...

Soul Men


Soul Men

That is a movie of two soul singers who have not talked for 30 years, but agree to attend a reunion concert at the Apollo Theater to celebrate their deceased leader. Some troubles happen and...

Bedknobbs And BroommSticks

Set in World War II in England, the film follows a search of Eglantine Price, an apprentice witch and three kids Charlie, Carrie and Paul Rawlins for the missing component to a magic spell known as...

The Longest Week

Conrad Valmont, the heir of a luxury hotel who is aimless and unemployed his entire life, is suddenly evicted from his hotel, where he has lived for decades. And he experiences the longest week since...

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

After realising that the new occupants next door are a sorority even more out of control than Teddy and his brothers ever dreamed of being, Mac and Kelly have to ask for help from their former enemy.

The Mirror Has Two Faces

A comedy which is about Rose and Gregory, both Columbia University professors. The handsome-but-boring Gregory believes that sex has ruined his life, and has deliberately set out to find and marry a...

Mike & Molly - Season 3

Season 3 opens with Mike getting inspired by their honeymoon trip to Paris to change his life and travel the world, while Molly worries how their family and friends fared at home without them.




The movie depicts a journey where Neil, an introverted, questioning high school freshman, who writes same-sex, erotic fan fiction about a popular sci-fi character, must deal with an array of...

Big Time Rush - Season 2

This new season follows the boys, who are tired from their six-week tour, must catch up on their missed study at school to keep their grade averages and attend Rocktoberfest. Meanwhile, the...

Search Party


Search Party

Daniel "Nardo" Narducci is about to marry Tracy, but in his bachelor party, he tells his best friends Jason and Evan that he's unsure about his decision. Therefore, in the middle of the wedding,...

Girls - Season 1

Girls is a comedy about the experiences of a group of girls in their early 20s, following Hannah Helene Horvath, an aspiring writer living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, known for her narcissism and...

Paul A Quebec


Paul A Quebec

Based on the award winning comic strip, this comedy drama tells a warmhearting story of a family coping with adversity. Paul is a cartoon-maker who lives with his girlfriend and their little daughter...

Halal Daddy


Halal Daddy

While managing a run down abattoir, young Muslim Raghdan Aziz stumbles through cultural chaos and generational conflicts, dealing with enraged fathers, stoned buddies and an alleged ex-lover of his...

Veep - Season 3

Selina begins a search for a campaign manager, even if she hasn’t announced her plans to run for president publicly. Selina, along with her staff, tries to select a side on a big issue and takes a...

Bronco Billy


Bronco Billy

The story of Bronco Billy McCoy who owns a small show named Wild West, he gets into financial issues for a long time when TV shows and internet are developing. One day, he comes across a blonde -...

Beavis and Butt Head Do America

After a surreal dream of the two people menacing a city as giants, Beavis and Butt-Head wake up to realize that someone has stolen their television. The pair then embark on a quest to find it. After...

Love And Other Drugs

Jamie is a gallant and successful man while Maggie is a woman getting Parkinson syndrome. Both of them come to each other just for fun firstly, but they really make a surprising relationship as they...

See You In Montevideo

A football team from Belgrade, in the former Yugoslavia Republic, win an opportunity to compete in the First World Football Championship, but things get complex along the journey.

Austin Ally - Season 2

Season 2 continue the story of Ally and Austin. They continue to build bigger fame. Ally records an album with Ronnie Ramone, and Austin have his first national tour. To help Ally overcome the stage...

All Night - Season 1

Set during an all-night, lock-in graduation party, this series is about a group of new grads who will do whatever it takes to make their remaining high school dreams come true.

The Real Ghostbusters - Season 6

The ghostbusters continue their catching ghost adventures and have opportunities to earn millions of dollars if they can stay in a haunted house for one night without proton packs. They are also in...

Little Evil


Little Evil

Gary moves in with his new wife, Samantha, and her son Lucas. Soon Lucas' strange, paranormal behaviors drive him to believe his new stepson may actually be the spawn of Satan.
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