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Animation Movie List

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Barbie in Rock 'N Royals

Two very different worlds collide when a mix-up sends Princess Courtney to Camp Pop and Erika, to Camp Royalty. Their worlds are turned upside down but at the same time they both learn new,...

Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers

‘’ Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers’’ as Gromit finds himself being kicked out of his room and home by a small penguin, who is said to be a brutal criminal. The evil penguin determines...

Pondemonium 2


Pondemonium 2

Join the inhabitants of the most magical place in the forest: the Marsh! Jump into the Marsha and into a world of adventure!

Kikis Delivery Service (1989)

This film follows the adventure of a young witch called Kiki who find living in a new town difficult after leaving home with her black cat, Jiji. She opens a "Witch Delivery Business" in the new...




Every five years, an exhilarating race called Redline is held, and the universe's most anticipated competition has only one rule: that there are none. Racers are pushed to their absolute limit - a...

Rio 2


Rio 2

In Rio 2, fans will see Blu, Jewel and their three children live happily in the magical city in Brazil. But when Jewel finds that the children need to learn to live like real birds, she decides to...

Get Squirrely


Get Squirrely

Get Squirrely (Also Known As: Animal Crackers ) is a Animation Comedy Family film directed by Ross Venokur and written by Lenore Venokur. It released on 6 November 2015 (Poland). The film stars Jason...

Anchors Up


Anchors Up

After a brave rescue mission during a fierce storm, a young rescue boat is headhunted to a larger harbor where he realizes that bigger is not always better.

Initial D: First Stage

Takumi Fujiwara is an aloof, spacey high-schooler who does delivery runs in his dad's Toyota AE86 in the dead of night. Takumi is introduced into the world of street racing and his natural talent...

Barbie in a Mermaid Tale

The film tells the story of Merliah, a surfer who learns a shocking secret: she's a mermaid! Teamed up with her best friend, a dolphin named Zuma, she embarks on a mission to rescue the queen of the...

Freakazoid - Season 2

The sencond season of Freakazoid opens with the Dexter’s date with his love, Steph at a beautiful restaurant. Unfortunately, the date has to be canceled because of a electrical accident and...




In this Disney Original animated adventure comedy, a commoner named Aladdin and his mischievous monkey, Abu, battle to save the free-spirited Princess Jasmine in the heart of an enchanted city....

Tellur Aliens


Tellur Aliens

This movie is about three teenaged best friends on the planet Telluria as they begin an incredible journey of adventure as they fight against the most evil being in the universe.

Danger Mouse (2015) - Season 1

The series depicts the escapades of Danger Mouse, the "world's greatest secret agent", and his cute, bespectacled sidekick Penfold. With help from his boss Colonel K and the genius scientist...

Drawn Together - Season 2

In this season, Spanky and Xandir decide to get married, while Foxxy must try to pass the SAT to get her detective's license. Captain Hero discovers that his homeworld wasn't really destroyed, and...

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Season 1

The series centers on Oggy, an anthropomorphic blue cat, who would be the happiest of cats if three cockroaches: Joey, Dee Dee and MarkyOggy hadn't decided to settle inside his comfortable home.

Mune The Guardian of the Moon

‘’ Mune The Guardian of the Moon ‘’ follows an inexperienced faun named Mune, who is unexpectedly assigned to be the Guardian of the Moon. Now Mune has to face the biggest problem as a...

Futurama - Season 3

In this season, Fry and Bender enlist in the army to get a soldiers discount for bubblegum. Fry is reunited with his old girlfriend from the 20th Century, but she doesn't adapt to the 31st century as...

Kung Fu Panda


Kung Fu Panda

The story is set in a fictional land in ancient China where Po, a giant panda, is chosen as the Dragon Warrior to fight back the treacherous enemy who spreads chaos throughout the countryside....

Chicken Little

After mistaking a falling call to a piece of sky, Chicken Little's credibility is falling to nearly zero and he is trying his best to regain reputation. It does not take much time as he plots to save...

The Garden of Words

Akizuki Takao, who is a 15 year old student, lives with his mother and brother. One rainy morning, on the way to school, he is wandering in a garden to outline sample shoes and here he meets a...

The Croods


The Croods

Set in prehistory, the film is an attractive but unexpeted adventure of a famil. Eep is the eldest daughter of the family, who is always curious. Everything suddenly changed when she meets Guy, a...

Beast Wars: Transformers - Season 3

Season 3 opens with the Maximals being sent into a time storm after Megatron attempts to destroy one of their ancestors. But help has come from a very unlikely ally who finds that she's in the same...

Rugrats Go Wild

The rugrats go on an adventure through the safari and suddenly find themselves get stuck in a deserted island where they have to face many dangers such as lizards, leopards and bug eating plants....

Beware the Batman - Season 1

In this new installment of the classic Dark Knight franchise, Bruce Wayne returns in his dark suit with his dedicated assistant, Alfred and lethal swordstress Katana. This time, Batman must protect...
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