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My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done

Coming to " My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done '', fan will be impressed by many attractive situations. Inspired by a true crime, it brings audiences palpitation and interest: A man begins to take...

Janet King - Season 3

Season 3 opens with Janet's investigation into the death of a young cricketer that uncovers a web of organised crime, where the public face of professional sport meets the underworld of match fixing,...

Wentworth - Season 5

In "Wentworth" season 5, Bea's death makes Allie a much more interesting character. Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) makes an enemy out of Allie. Her act of revenge will be put in motion in the new season.

The Masked Saint

The Masked Saint (Also Known As: A Masked Saint ) is an Action Biography Crime film directed by Warren P. Sonoda and written by Scott Crowell, Scott Crowell. It released on 22 January 2016 (Canada)....




Returning to her hometown to celebrate her father's retirement from coaching, Samantha is surprised to see that Jake, her high school sweetheart, is home as well.




The International Space Station is now a prison, the ultimate black site. But when the imprisoned terrorists take over the Station and turn it into a missile aimed at Moscow, only a shuttle pilot and...

Mean Dreams


Mean Dreams

The movie follows courageous local farm boy Jonas and the new girl next door, Casey, as they escape their broken and abusive homes. On the run, they examine the desperation of life and the beauty of...

Australia Day


Australia Day

Australia Day is a 2017 Australian drama film directed by Kriv Stenders and starring Bryan Brown. Produced by Australian cable provider Foxtel, Australia Day is every inch the TV-movie, with...

See No Evil - Season 4

Season 4 is set on April 10th 2016 when Jordie Hudson vanishes after a night out with friends. The only clue police have is her glasses, which are discovered in a pool of blood.

The Man Who Invented Christmas

It tells about the magical journey that led to the creation of Ebenezer Scrooge (Christopher Plummer), Tiny Tim and other classic characters from A Christmas Carol. Directed by Bharat Nalluri (MISS...

ReBoot - Season 1

Set in the inner computer world of Mainframe, the series follows a guardian program sprite and his friends as they work to keep the computer system of Mainframe safe from the viruses known as...




Cube (Also Known As: El cubo) is a mystery Sci-Fi thriller film directed by Vincenzo Natali and written by André Bijelic (as Andre Bijelic), Vincenzo Natali. It released on 11 July 1998...

The Kingdom


The Kingdom

The Kingdom is a story that happened in the Middle Ages with the bitter religious conflicts. Balian, French blacksmith, no doubt that he will be caught up in the religious wars. Things have changed...

Burden of Truth - Season 01

Big city lawyer Joanna Hanley returns to her hometown to represent a large pharmaceutical company against a group of sick girls. But then she realises she should take the case of a group of girls...

Mommy's Prison Secret

The movie is about a suburban mom with a criminal past. After being released from prison, she begins working to become a contributing member of society again, but her former cellmate unexpectedly...

Fasten Your Seatbelts 2014

The film is a humorous story about Ma Joon Gyu - a Kpop star is on a flight from Tokyo to Seoul. The flight would have ended well if the aircraft was not caught up in a big storm. What this film to...




The movie is about Patrick Whelan, a community patriarch, who is drawn into a blood feud when Michael and Robert Windsor, the sons of a former enemy of Patrick's, return to town.

Samantha - Season 1

In the '80s, Samantha! was the most beloved child in Brazil. 30 years later, people barely remember her. With the help from her manager Marcinho, her kids Cindy and Brandon, and even from her former...

Christmas Wedding Planner

The movie is about a wedding planner who is planning her beloved cousin's lavish and exclusive wedding. Everything is going smoothly until a devilishly handsome private investigator shows up and...

Phantom Boy


Phantom Boy

The film tells a story of Leo who has a special ability as a phantom by dint of an magic illness. He confronts suddenly a New York City cop in hospital, which makes they become close friends and...

Two Days, One Night

After a period of sickness, Sandra discovers colleagues opt for a significant pay bonus, in exchange for her dismissal. She has only two days, one night to convince them to change their mind. How...

American Hangman

An unidentified man posts a live feed on social media showing that he has kidnapped two strangers and intends to kill one before the day is out. His intention is to hold a capital "trial" online. As...

Daniel's Daughter

A successful New York magazine editor returns to her tiny Massachusetts hometown to bury the father who abandoned her when she was a child, in the process embarking on a deeply affecting journey of...

Murdered at 17

A young, sexy, and damaged boyfriend tricks a teenage girl into thinking she murdered her best friend.




What starts off as a woman's desire to hold on to her fiancé and the life they've built together, turns into a twisted game of cat and mouse, as she tries to survive the jealous wrath of the "evil"...

Sole A Catinelle

In this movie, we will follow a father and a son in an attractive adventure. They are on a the road trip from the South to the North. What is waiting for them in their adventure ? Let’s enjoy happy...

Newlywed And Dead

A young newlywed begins to doubt her husband's love when his rival is found dead. When she starts investigating the death and her husband's past, she becomes his next target.

American Conjuring

The film tells the horrific story of a family who moves in a creepy abandoned orphanage, where a malevolent force preys on their sanity with a shocking, violent outcome.

Bernie The Dolphin

Set in St. Augustine, Florida, the movie is about two siblings who befriend a badly sunburned dolphin that has been separated from its family, uncovering a secret plan that could destroy the beach...

These Final Hours

It is the last day on Earth, twelve hours before a big storm ceases fire human life. A self-obsessed young man makes his way to the party-to-end-all-parties on the last day on Earth, but ends up...
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