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The Physician


The Physician

In Persia in the 11th century, the apprentice of a surgeon in disguise has overcome his emigration to many places to rescue the people from diseases and epidemics.

Voldemort Origins of the Heir

It is a fan made prequel to the Harry Potter series created by Pezzato and Prestia based on Tom Riddle and his progression to becoming The Dark Lord.

After the Wedding

The movie tells the story of a newlywed guy who heads to a beach to finish his novel, only to fall in love with a beautiful bartender. Now, he and his wife are left to examine the true state of their young marriage.

The Princess of France

A year after directing a troupe of young actors in “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” Victor returns from Mexico to Buenos Aires, re-gathering the cast to record a radio performance, but all the actresses involved want his intimate attention one way or another.

Hunter Street - Season 2

Nickelodeon’s adventure-comedy series Hunter Street has been officially renewed for a 20-episode Season 2.The show stars Stony Blyden, Mae Mae Renfrow, Kyra Smith, Thomas Jansen, and Daan Creyghton, as five foster children in Amsterdam who attempt to find out what happened to their disappearing foster parents, Erik (Ronald Top) and Kate Hunter (Tooske Ragas).

The High Frontier

The film follows a father and his sons who find their trip to a mountain cabin, formerly a prison of some kind for illegal immigrants, turn into a struggle for survival after a lost tourist arrives.

Bad Man's River

Roy King's gang robs a bank and flees to Mexico on a train. Roy meets a beautiful woman, Alicia, and marries her, only to have her run off with all of the money. Then he is asked to rob the arsenal of a Mexican army. A daring plan gets the job done, only to have more money.

World of Darkness

The movie explores one of pop culture's best kept secrets - the resounding influence of gothic punk role playing games World of Darkness and Vampire. Fans and fervent partakers are interviewed and discuss the massive impact they had

Bad Banks - Season 1

This thriller series is about ambitious Jana, who is confronted with the unscrupulous machinations of the world of finance. Her working life is determined by egotism, the pressure to succeed and machismo. She soon has to decide how far she is prepared to go for her career.

Bad Cat


Bad Cat

As animals inhabiting streets Shero and his friends are after what anyone else in their notoriously sleazy Istanbul neighborhood wants: debauchery with girls, food and the occasional drinking binge. This ordinary looking day will prove otherwise as their paths cross with humans, things get a little out of hand in hilarious, harsh and unexpected ways.

Rescue Under Fire

Set in Afghanistan, the movie depicts the struggles the Spanish army have to face when attempting to rescue the crew of a medical helicopter that suffers an accident when helping a joint force of USA and United Nations troops.

Women in Trouble

Several women in L.A. are hiding something from someone else, or discovering something hidden from them. The film tells about a day of these women, so many troubles. Maxine, a therapist, discovers her husband cheating on her. Elektra, who discovers she's pregnant, hasn't told the baby's father...

El Chapo - Season 3

The Season 3 sees the Drug Lord El Chapo Guzman get caught by the military and is brought in the United Nations to get sentenced for his crimes.




Also known as "Creepers", this sci-fi horror stars Jennifer Connelly as Jennifer Carvino, a young girl, with an amazing ability to communicate with insects and control them in handy. As she is psychologically brutalized in a nightmarish Swiss boarding school, Jennifer calls on her insect friends for help, getting the school victimized by swarms of nasty flies.

The Spikes Gang

The film concentrates three farm boys going through the ups and downs to help wounded bank robber. Then, they have a chance to understand the trade by dint of him.

The Espadrillo Fortune

The movie tells the story of an outlaw with a mysterious past who must race against a shady treasure hunter to unearth a long lost Spanish shipwreck rumored to have sunk in one of the idyllic bays on the southern Sardinian coastline.




While working in the US on a temporary visa as a caretaker, Mara, a 30 year-old single mother from Romania, marries Daniel, an American. After the arrival of her son Dragos, everything seems to have fallen perfectly into place. When the process of getting a green card veers unexpectedly off course, however, Mara is faced with abuses of power on every level and forced to answer a dark question about herself – how far would you go to get what you want?




Set in the middle of the Aegean Sea, on a luxury yacht, the movie follows six apparently wealthy men as they play a vaguely-defined game to determine which of them holds the greatest traits. Friends will become rivals and rivals will become hungry.

Immigration Game

The story revolves around that Germany refuses to receive any more refugees and the only way to obtain citizenship is to survive the popular TV show 'Immigration Game'. Whoever participates as a 'Runner' will be abandoned on the outskirts of Berlin and must make their way to the television tower at Alexanderplatz. For a prize money every German citizen may chase and eventually kill the refugees entirely unpunished...

Small Town Prince

Prince Duncan of Belmont from a small European country who steals away incognito to the U.S. in search of true love to escape an arranged marriage. There, he meets a struggling young waitress who may just be his The One.




While higher ups in the police department want the cop duo to just focus on nabbing petty criminals, the team does so while still going after LA kingpin Rizzo. Various fist fights, chases, shootouts and other carnage occur as the two cops go after Rizzo's crime syndicate.

Speed Kills


Speed Kills

The movie centers on a speedboat racing champion and multimillionaire whose secret life as a drug trafficker lands him in a deadly crossfire between the DEA and the Mob.

Snow Queen


Snow Queen

The malevolent Snow Queen, wishing to destroy all art and freeze the souls of others, casts a curse on the world, covering it in ice. A girl named Gerda, her pet ferret Luta, and Orm the troll must save her brother Kai and the world.

Perfect Strangers

Seven long-time friends decide to play a dangerous game: sharing with each other the content of every text message, email and phone call they receive. Hilarity and drama ensue together as everyone's secrets are unveiled and the seven friends find themselves perfect strangers to each other.

Outside the Box

In order to promote the creative approach to problematic issues, a team is founded but they must go through a test for their qualities by means of a captured hostage-taking and have to prove their leadership qualities during stressful situations.

Lego Nexo Knights - Season 3

The season continues to follow Nexo Knights as they fights against criminals. The kingdom is threatened by an army of Lava Monsters, and the inexperienced NEXO Knights must come to the rescue.

What Doesn't Kill Us

As a divorced father of two teenage daughters, with a head-strong ex-wife for a best friend, too many peculiar patients to keep up with and a new dog, psychotherapist Max certainly doesn't need another challenge. But when Sophie, a compulsive gambler with a boyfriend problem, regularly shows up late for her appointments, she rocks his world in ways he's not ready for.

Capture the Flag

A ruthless billionaire bent on exploiting the source of Helium 3, the clean energy of the future, hatches a plan to rewrite history and excise the feats of the Apollo XI astronauts and the Moon landing. Enter headstrong 12-year-old surfer, Mike Goldwing, who along with his friends, a small lizard with delusions of Godzilla-like grandeur, and his grandfather, travels to the Moon to thwart evil.




The movie reflects the up and down life of the Roman Emperor Caligula truthfully. Caligula is paranoiac so he becomes more autocratic and inhuman. He makes Rome be deep into crime.
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